An Essential First Aid Kit!

Red Dot Rescue is rarely out of reach. I’ve used it in many applications, from sore throats to scraped knees, skin conditions and mouth ulcers. Its healing capabilities are fantastic! My sister’s clever combination of these healing herbs yields very quick results. We named it Red Dot Rescue because it is so often reached for as the first remedy, so we coloured a big red dot on the label! Red Dot’s applications are potently effective, both topically and internally. Many of my friends, after using their first bottle, keep coming back for more. An essential in the first aid kit, car, handbag, travel-bag and home medical cupboard.

Delvene Delaney – Byron Shire


I have been using Red Dot Rescue for the last four years. From topical applications as a healer for post-op treatment on scars to fighting off the onset of cold sores, it has proven to be the most reliable tincture above any other medical product available.

Recently, I have taken Red Dot Rescue internally to fight off a dental infection on a very painful root inflammation. After initial antibiotic treatment ( unsuccessful), Red Dot Rescue proved again to alleviate the problem within a week.

I use this product immediately at the onset of flu symptoms and have been flu-free for years. I can honestly say that over the years I have found Red Dot Rescue to be an all-round healer which is indispensable to me in my daily life.

Luise Gortz – Jeweller – Durrumbul NSW

Warts and all!

Red Dot has helped cure my acne, folliculitus, ingrown hairs, cuts, abrasions, boils ulcers, sore throats, styes…. Even two warts! It certainly is strong and magical stuff! Thanks to the “dot” for getting rid of my “red”!

Liana Cornell – St. Helena

The Band

We all use Red Dot Rescue daily to keep our immune system up. Being on tour most of the year makes regular sleeping patterns and sufficient sleep a difficult thing, but Red Dot Rescue keeps us on track. Thanks Red Dot Rescue!

Parkway Drive – Hardcore Band

Immunity Booster!

Red Dot Rescue has been in our family for some years now. Each member insists on having their own bottle in readiness for colds, sore throats, cuts and abrasions… you name it… it fixes it!

I have also found fantastic results when using it on my animals’ open sores and cuts. I use it as a preventative when my energy is running low and my immune system needs boosting.

Christel Taylor – Physiotherapist – Brunswick Heads

Sore Throats

I always use Red Dot Rescue as soon as my throat is getting sore. I dilute it in a little water, gargle and swallow. I feel it take the edge off the sore throat straight away and it stimulates my immune system.

I always feel “safe” when I take Red Dot Rescue on my travels and have used it on many of my friend’s cuts or if they are coming down with a cold or are feeling “fluee”. I feel it assists the immune system and helps the body heal faster. Also, when I was recently returning from Australia to Norway, my two daughters when asked what present they would like me to bring them, BOTH asked for some Red Dot Rescue…… That is a testimony in itself!

Hege Leidal – Yoga teacher – Norway

Even My Husband!

I will always have it in my home and carry it with me when I travel. It is excellent for everything. Even my skeptical husband calls for it at the first sign of a sore throat or cold!

Helen Buckley – Office manager – Byron Bay

Every Household

I fell across Red Dot Rescue last year and have been grateful ever since.

It is comforting to know that I have a natural product that I can use for almost any application internally or externally – particularly the dreaded cold. With the winter season upon us, I highly recommend that every household has a bottle. Not one of our family members required antibiotics last winter and I know it will be the same this year.

Another added benefit is, if my children or my husband become ill, I just take a little myself to build up my own immune system and the sickness passes me by. I warn you — it tastes revolting — but as the old wives say “If it tastes good, it ain’t good for you!”

Ludwina Dautivic – Business and Life Coach – Melbourne

The Dog

Our 11 year old dog was attacked and mauled by two other dogs to such a degree that the worst of her wounds was so large the vet could not stitch her up.

He cleaned her up, stitched her other wounds and told us to wait 4-6 weeks (while changing her dressings every 2 days) for skin regeneration and if not enough has grown she may have to have skin grafts or if enough skin re-growth had occurred then only stitches. We then bought some of Raylee’s famous Red Dot Rescue and some of her jellybush honey, mixed them up into a spray and applied it every time we changed the dressings on the wound, along with a generous lashing of the honey spread onto the inside of the dressing. Imagine our ( and the vets) delight at the check-up two weeks later. Amazing skin regrowth and no need for skin grafts.

The vet said “Bring her back in 2 weeks and we’ll stitch her up”. Two weeks later we took her back to the vet without the dressing because she had healed. No stitches needed. Thanks Raylee….. we would (and do) recommend Red Dot Rescue to everyone…… for yourself and your animals.

Lana Henry – Bangalow

Frontline Remedy

Over the years, I have used Red Dot Rescue for everything that ails me from tonsillitis to tinea with very effective results.

Red Dot Rescue has proven its healing power many times over for my horses, especially when treating deep cuts and flesh wounds.

Red Dot Rescue abates infection and promotes tissue granulation bringing about fast efficient healing. Red Dot Rescue is forever in the frontline of healing remedies for me.

Robyn Baker – Fruit Grower – Mullumbimby

The Horse

As a licensed trainer and farrier with a lifetime around horses, I have used Red Dot Rescue on everything from minor scrapes to major wounds and also thrush and seedy toe.

I use it for myself too! I’ve found it to be a most effective healer and recommend it as a must for every first aid box, be it in the home or stable!

Billy Crompton – Farrier – Mullumbimby